Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas in Pennsylvania, part VI (almost not pictured edition)

The final awesomeness from our Christmas trip to PA was getting to see the Sookhoos.  Honestly, when Eric and I were dating, it was a huge selling point for me that his family lived so close to my sister, Kate.  I LOVE that we get to see them so much more than we normally would just because they live so close to Nan and Pop.

We were able to see the Sookhoos a couple different times during the week.  I was horrible about taking pictures when they were around.  Thankfully, my cousin-in-law, Michelle, saved the day and had a picture of me and Kate and the kids at least.

Thanks Sookhoos for making time in your busy holiday schedule to hang with us!

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Kate said...

are you kidding me? our pleasure! I may have to steal that picture from you!