Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trunk or Treat

Amos' preschool teacher gave him a calendar to countdown to Halloween with, and he knew EXACTLY how many days there were until Halloween.  So, it came as a very pleasant surprise to him that he got to put on his costume and got to go to our ward Trunk or Treat on Saturday, TWO WHOLE DAYS before Halloween.

The kids in the yard super anxious to get in the car:

To quote Amos, his "best friends":

After a couple laps of the parking lot we went inside for carnival games and socializing.  Loved it.

There was also a hayride around the neighborhood.  It was a hit:

I take a picture of Eric holding one of the kids like this every year.  He hates it.  I think it's cute.

And the winner of the night, Audrey.  Fat dog dressed as a dog. Eating:

The kids came home with so much candy it was crazy.  And we hadn't even gotten to "real" Halloween yet.

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Meg Shaver said...

Okay, they all look adorable. And looks like a fun time! Love Amos with the teeth!