Monday, November 7, 2011

She Walks and Talks

I am terribly behind on this one.  Yikes.  Someday maybe Audrey will have three kids of her own and she'll forgive me. 

Anyway, Audrey has started to walk and talk.  The talking came first, right around her first birthday.  Her first words were perfectly fitting: "mama" and "uh-oh."  She's only heard those words about a billion times, it's no wonder they stuck.

The walking started a little more recently, probably two weeks ago.  She's getting pretty good, and seems to be choosing walking over crawling most of the time now.  I had forgotten the "I need to do it every second of every day" mentality that comes with walking.  She doesn't sit still for a second anymore =)

Here's a video of our tiny walker: 


Cynthia said...

Thank you for the video and the pictures. I can't believe she is already walking and looking good doing it.

Ty said...

That is cool that she is walking. I liked the video.