Wednesday, November 2, 2011

'Real' Halloween

Holy cow our kids were so excited for "real" Halloween.  Like I said before, Amos was counting down.  More than once he snuck an extra sticker on his advent calendar, in an attempt to make Halloween come faster.  To pass the long days until Halloween, Amos and Maggie practiced their door approach again and again.  It went like this:

"Knock, knock."

"Trick or treat!"

"Thank you!!!!"

Eventually Amos added in, "We're here for candy" before his "trick or treat." 

I thought we had created the perfect Halloween day schedule, but it ended up a little crazier than anticipated.  We hit up Eric's work party, went to an early dinner at Happy Sumo, and then came home for a neighbor's party before Eric and the kids went out trick or treating (I was the passer-outer).  Dinner at Happy Sumo was a good idea in theory, but it made for a really jammed evening.  We wanted the kids to eat something other than candy, and the one thing they are guaranteed to eat every time is edamame.  We also ended up having to take one of the cars to Jiffy Lube for emissions/inspections/registration in the middle of all that too.  Nothing like waiting until 5 p.m. on the last day of the month =)

We ended up missing the first of the trick or treaters that came by our house, but thankfully Dave was there to hold down the fort until we got there.  We never get trick or treaters, but this year we had a lot.  If you give out full sized candy bars, they will come.

Eric, Amos, and Maggie lasted much longer than I thought they would and they brought home a ton of candy.  They were so excited, I think it's safe to say their first time trick or treating was a huge success (yeah, we've never made it to the door-to-door part before this year).


Anna said...

How is there a ghost in the first picture?

Laura Horne said...

I was pretty proud of "ghost" Maggie in the first picture. I have absolutely no idea how it happened =)