Sunday, November 27, 2011

Our 6th Anniversary

I realized tonight that with blogging comes a certain responsibility.  For example, yesterday was our 6th wedding anniversary.  I didn't blog it.  That's sort of crummy of me.  Eric didn't blog it.  He doesn't have a blog, so no crumminess on him.  Seems unfair, huh?

Blogging inequities aside, I am grateful for 6 years with Eric.  It's been all flowers and sunshine.  Seriously. 

This isn't really a post about "us" though, cause that'll come when we go to Seattle sans kids next month.  Hallelujah!  Instead, a post about what we did on our 6th anniversary...

It was a great day.  We picked Eric and Amos up from the airport about 10 this morning, made a stop for lunch, and then came home and got to the Christmas decorating.  It's always been one of my favorite things to do, but having the kids get into it made it even better.  They were so anxious to help, it was awesome.  Eric trained them that Mama's the boss when it comes to ornaments and we didn't have any problems.

I should also mention we took a field trip to the best tree lot in Spanish Fork.  Their trees are seriously awesome.

My two favorite things from decorating:

1. I am super picky about balance on the Christmas tree.  Amos put two red ornaments on the same branch (huge no no).  Then he said, "I am putting these two red ones together so they can be best friends."  They're BFF+E in my book now.

2. Maggie worked so hard hanging her ornaments.  She put them all on the lowest branches.  Not the branches at a natural height for her reach, but the ones she had to crawl to get to.  When we told her she could try other locations she very politely said, "No, thank you."  Tonight when I was re-balancing a bit, I found this:

A little gaggle of ornaments all together tucked under the tree.  I am still smiling thinking about it now. 

It was a pretty good day if you asked me.  No romantic dinner necessary.

P.S. This seems like a good place for this memory:  Eric and I got married on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  Every year my mom calls us on the Saturday after Thanksgiving to wish us a happy anniversary (like, regardless of the date).  Bless her, this year she would have been right =)

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