Friday, November 11, 2011

Burned to the Second Degree

Grammies, you're going to want to quit reading now. 

Today we had an accident =(  Our first one that required an emergency trip to the doctor's office (not the hospital, THANKFULLY).  Before today, I would have bet you a good amount of money that our first disaster would have involved Amos...but it didn't. 

This afternoon Audrey learned that fire is hot.  The hard way.  Sweetie baby pulled up on our gas fireplace, which unfortunately, was on. =(  She cried and cried.  She cried so long I couldn't help but join her.  I held it together while I called Eric and asked him to call the doctor for me, but I lost it when I called a friend to watch the kids while we went to the doctor.  I don't think I have ever called a friend crying before.  It was horrible.

During all of this crying, I knew she was fine, but to see her in so much pain was really hard.  Blisters quickly formed on each of her finger tips and the palm of her hand.  Second degree burns.  The doctor said that they were shallow, and none of them opened, so she should heal just fine.  We just need to be very careful to prevent infection.

By tonight Audrey was back to her normal self, happy and silly, plus a trendsetting "mitten."  Amos and Maggie were so lucky to get to hang out with Stephanie and Sydney during all of this, and they thought it was a fun adventure.  They were pretty worried about their little sister though.  They couldn't wait to see her when they got home.   


yukonskeeper said...

Levi did that with a flashlight bulb this summer. He screamed a long time. It was really sad. I feel for you.

Sunny said...

That is soo sad! And scary! Glad she's feeling better now. Poor little lass.

julie said...

I am so sorry. I dread that day... Gary and Elizabeth were in the emergency room yesterday too with there little Leah. Sometimes I wonder if it is harder on the parents or the kids. I hope Audrey gets better quickly

Kendra said...

Poor baby! That must have been so awful! :( I hope she heals quickly.

Annie H. said...

Awww, so sad! I'm so sorry; how traumatic!! I was babysitting two little boys at the park when one of them fell off the see-saw and broke his arm. So, so scary!! I of course cried. It's never fun to see kids you love in pain! Here's to a speedy recovery for sweet little Audrey!

Party of Four said...

It's the worst when your kiddos get hurt! Hugs to both mama and baby girl.