Friday, October 14, 2011

Workin' with a girl on your lap

Today when Dave got home Amos said, "Dada-AVE!"  Since then, it's been shortened to "Dad-ave."

The other day, Dave was sitting at the counter working on his laptop.  Amos is constantly trying to talk Dave out of working and into playing with him, so Dave working at the counter is a "fair" compromise.  It's not actually fair to Dave, but he's a good sport.  I will go on record, if/when he decides to settle down he is going to make a great husband and dad.

Anyway, not only was Dave trying to work with Amos talking his ear off, but Mags decided she needed to be on his lap.  She climbed up on his lap with her laptop and they "worked" side by side.

Pretty adorable.  The kids are constantly telling people, "We have a Dave." Next thing I know Amos will be asking to take him in for show-n-tell. Eric is not the only one who is going to have a broken heart when Dave moves out...

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