Saturday, September 24, 2011

Super Great Day

In spite of Amos waking everyone up at 7:15 a.m., today was a great day.

This morning Amos had practice for the primary program tomorrow, so the girls and I had some free time around the house.  We mostly worked on these:

From this tutorial.  They are going to be party favors for the kids' jungle themed birthday party next month.  Maggie cut pieces of paper into a million little pieces and then glued them onto another paper.  She worked so hard on it.  It was really cute.

On the way to drop Amos off, I noticed a stool sticking out of a yard sale pile, so the girls and I stopped and picked it up for a whopping $3.  We've been trying to assemble a stool collection for our kitchen counter and so far I was up to one.  One is a bad number when you have 2 preschoolers interested in seeing what's on the counter.  The stool didn't match the one we had, so after we picked Amos up we went to Home Depot to get some spray paint to paint it.  I also wanted to find spray paint for this project, but no luck.  Next weekend maybe.  The highlight of Home Depot was definitely pushing all three kids in the car cart.  Those things are ridiculous to push.

The final excitement of the day was that "Sally" came back from the American Girl Doll Hospital.  About a month ago, an AGD catalog came in the mail and Maggie was totally enamored with it.  She carried it around for a week oohing and ahhing at all of the pictures.  I figured it was time to give her my old AGD.  My doll had suffered an injury at the teeth of the Shaver family dog, Mahanna, so I knew she needed to go to the hospital for some new arms first.  After putting the kids to bed one night, I got her out and had her on the counter to get ready to be boxed up and shipped away.  Of course, Maggie got out of bed, came into the kitchen and saw the doll.  She took one look at her and said,

"Sally!  I just need to hug her and take care of her."

She was heart broken that Sally had to go to the doctor, but she seemed to understand.  Anyway, today Sally came back, and I have to say, she is stunning.  They fixed her arms and her hair.  Good as new.  Amos helped me wrap her up, and she is waiting for Mag's birthday to make her grand re-entrance. 

That's a wrap for today-next up Amos' first primary program!

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