Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Second First day of School

Amos started preschool again today!  You might remember he went for like a month last year (we snuck him in early).  So, this is his first real year of preschool.  His 3-year-old year, if you will.  Since his birthday is at such a crummy time school cut-off wise, he is the oldest in his class.  Couple that with already going to school for a bit, and he is practically running the place ;) 

I was pleasantly surprised with how excited he was to go again, and all of the specific things he remembered about school.  He knew exactly which toy he wanted to play with when he got there this morning.

I tried to get a good first day of school picture, but Amos insisted on making silly faces:

I did catch him once, but obviously he wasn't looking:

And one more time, in the car:

Maggie was sad she didn't get to go to school too, but when I came back to the car without Amos she had a new excitement in her eyes.  I think she remembers "Queen of the Castle" time.

The girls and I celebrated our freedom with a long nap.  It was awesome.  We won't get to do that every day, occasionally we'll have to get some work done.  But, for today, it was perfect.

Amos was a happy little guy when we picked him up.  I can't wait to see all of the things he learns this year.

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