Monday, September 12, 2011


This morning Elder and Sister Shaver reported to the Provo MTC to begin training for their service in the Caribbean Area mission as medical advisers

 It was a really strange morning.  I told them on the way there that this might be the weirdest drive I've ever taken.  As I was dropping them off, a nice man drove by and said,

"Boy, that's backwards, the kids dropping off their parents."

Yeah. Weird. 

Here's the account I shared with my sisters, who'd had to say their goodbyes earlier:
We just got home from dropping mom and dad at the MTC.   Seniors' reporting day is a lot different than elders' and sisters' reporting day.   They greeted us right at the front, and directed us to the building where mom and dad will be staying (Jacob Hamblin Bldg).   When we got to their building there were about 10 elders waiting for them, to carry their bags into their rooms.   They followed the elders to their room and got the couple things they would need for the rest of the day.   Then, I drove them back up to the main building and they went in the same front doors Anna, and I am sure others, did.   We said goodbye in the parking lot.   It wasn't as bad as "drop them off on the curb," but we did watch them disappear into the building.   There were very few people there, not like the swarms that are there dropping off on Wednesdays.

A couple other details that I am remembering...
  • The missionaries were so welcoming to my parents.  Elders and Seniors alike (we didn't see any sisters).  My mom was super excited that the Elders hauled her heavy bags to her room.  Think 18 months worth of luggage.
  • The kids really have no concept of what's going on.  Amos did say, "Grammy and Grampy are going to be missionaries now???" on our way out of the parking lot.
  • The kids did not want to take pictures.  Amos was semi-agreeable, but Maggie couldn't stop herself from picking the flowers.  Which were GORGEOUS.
  • I was able to drive all around the MTC "compound" in order to drop my parents off.  I had no idea it was so huge and there were so many buildings on it.  Neither did they.  Hopefully they'll learn their way around quickly.
And, their final walk away from us and into the MTC:

There will be a blog for my parents' mission, I am just not sure who will be running it yet.  We're hoping my Dad will be able to run his own, but if he can't, I'll get one set up.  Either way, I'll let you know how to check up on them.

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