Thursday, September 29, 2011


Yesterday I did something very low.  Very, very low. 

The kids and I went to Ikea for a little adventure, and the time really got away from me.  I knew I was driving a ticking time bomb of tired, hungry kids on our way home.  At one point, Audrey "hit" Amos.  She's not really capable of an intentional hit, but Amos didn't care.  He smacked her right back.  She started to scream. And scream.  Which brings us to the low moment: I told Amos she was crying so hard because he hit her, when I knew full well that although it might have started because of the hit, it was because she was starving and exhausted.  Bad mama.  Amos looked devastated, and he did everything in his power to cheer her up.  Poor little guy felt so bad.  He's been a whole lot nicer to her since though...


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Cynthia said...

The first step to becoming a better whatever is recognition of a problem. I am impressed you knew it wasn't really Amos' fault. You are a great momma.