Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Long Goodbye

Last night, once again, we sprung my parents from the MTC.  We've been joking that they would be sneaking off to the BYU creamery all the time while they were in the MTC, so last night we made it a reality.

The kids were THRILLED when we told them we were going to get Grammy and Grampy for ice cream.  Amos immediately determined he was having pink ice cream, and he never changed his mind.  He ate his entire bowl too.  Pretty impressive.  Maggie opted for the ever classic chocolate.  I accidentally tricked my Dad into ordering one with nuts (WE HATE NUTS IN OUR ICE CREAM!), but my guilt was eased since I ordered the same one and suffered right alongside him. 

This time, we didn't even bother saying goodbye since I'll be going to see them one last time on Thursday.  For reals.  They're leaving the country first thing Friday morning.


Meg Shaver said...

So weird to see them with tags on! Such a special treat! :) looks good and fun!

yukonskeeper said...

So jealous. I need them to leave the country! They are too close, but so far.

Anna said...

Oh wow, that was a great post. Sure miss them a lot.