Saturday, September 17, 2011

Grampy the Grandpa

Good day here.  Eric and I continued with our arrangement, plus a twist.  After sleeping in and lazing about the house, we loaded up the kids and picked Grammy and Grampy up at the MTC for an afternoon of freedom.  It was really neat to see them with their name tags on.

Eric and my Dad went to Best Buy to get a new laptop for the mission, and Grammy and I headed to Target to grab some more Missoni.

Short aside: Have you been following the Missoni for Target hulabaloo?  It's nuts, right?  I am telling you though, it makes me feel like I need the stuff.  I am so weak.  I don't even like "real" Missoni.

After our respective errands we came back to our house to do some laundry (they have to pay for it in the MTC, and I owe them like 8,000 loads of laundry).  Eric took off for fishing and after some "quiet" time for the kids, Grammy and Grampy the Grandpa took us for a freedom McDonald's.  Amos was practically begging to go to "Badonald's" and they couldn't say no.

Short aside:  The McDonald's Asian Chicken Salad isn't half bad.  Especially when paired with the french fries leftover from Amos' happy meal.

As we were leaving McDonald's a cute woman came over to me and said,

"Are those your parents?"

"Uh, yeah."

"Are they in the MTC?"

"Uh, yeah."  (Nametags!)

"Oh!  My parents are going on their mission in a few weeks and we didn't know if they could leave to see us or not!?!?!"

Funny, since that is one of the things we were totally unsure about too.

Finally, we had to take Grammy and Grampy the Grandpa back to "smishonary school" i.e. the MTC.  As we were dropping them off a large group of elders and sister missionaries were coming back from the playing fields.  It struck me that we have such an odd culture.  Then, I remembered it was a Saturday night, and I was really overwhelmed by the oddity.  I mean, I have facebook, I know what happens for 20-somethings elsewhere on a Saturday night.

Amos and Grampy the Grandpa ca 2008

That's about it for today-except that at some point Amos started referring to my Dad as "Grampy the Grandpa."  I am thinking that one is going to stick.

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