Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dear Future Self,

Someday we're going to want to blackmail Amos.  Or at least embarrass him in front of a girl.  Note to self: remember this post on that day.


  • We bought Amos and Maggie both a bike earlier this summer.  Amos prefers Maggie's bike because of it's size.  He also prefers her "Hello Kitty" helmet because it matches the bike.  After much persuading, Eric talked him into wearing his own helmet.  Even though it doesn't match.
  • Amos has started calling his boy parts his "tinkle thing."  
  • The other day Amos was in the bath with Audrey and he said, "The tinkle is getting on Audrey!" Sure enough, he was peeing on Audrey.  Thankfully, they were already in the bath.

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