Friday, August 5, 2011

Have you stopped reading my blog?

Just curious. 

Life is still treating us very well here.  The Shavers/Catmulls left this morning after a very Smurfin' visit.  We had a good time with them seeing the Smurf movie, playing in the splash pads, using them as free childcare for us and our friends, going on crazy drives, getting our oil changed, and eating at PF Changs =)

Just before they came, Eric and Amos went on a father/son campout with the Deacons and their dads.  The girls and I used it as the perfect opportunity to princessify ourselves.  I took Maggie to Claire's and let her pick out some treasures.  She was in serious heaven. 

Maggie is all things girly these days, and insists on only wearing "princess," which means, a dress or skirt.  She has no concept of when to wear formal vs. casual, etc. so sometimes she sleeps in her Easter dress.  It seems like it would be terribly uncomfortable, but she loves it???

Today she wanted to get dressed to play in the yard, and again chose her Easter dress.  Then, she added the crown. 

Looks ready for some dirt digging to me!

Amos, for whatever reason, fully supports her highness.  He often calls her "princess" and totally plays into her royal ways.

Life is good when you're royal.


Meg Shaver said...

Seriously awesome pictures! I love it! Margaret's just know that there is something special about them! ;)

Watts Family said...

I still read it! Cute pics. They seem to Love eachother so much.

Andrea said...

seriously so cute!

Anonymous said...

I still read your blog!! Cute pictures as always! :)