Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fat Dog

Poor Audrey.  We lovingly nicknamed her "fat dog," (because she's JUST like a fat dog) but we realized yesterday that she seems to think that's her name.  She totally responds to it =(  So, "fat dog" has been banned.  Before it goes away forever, I want to document it:
  • Audrey eats all. the. time.  She will sit in her high chair eating while I prepare dinner, while we eat dinner, and while I clean up dinner.  Like, continuously.  Then, when I take her out of her high chair, she immediately crawls under it and looks for any leftovers and eats those.
  • She is 10.5 months old-her belly is always poking out of her 12-18 month sized clothing. (see photo).
  • She is totally adorable and lovable.  
  • She has the best temperament.  She's totally happy-go-lucky.  
  • Her face is always dirty from something she's been eating.
  • The "big" kids love to feed her table scraps.  They think it's so cool to give her food?  They especially like giving her "people" food (as opposed to baby food).

I just came across Audrey's 9 month stats, and while she's totally normal, she is much bigger than either Amos or Maggie were:

Weight: 18 lbs, 13 oz. (55%)
Height: 28 in. (55%)
Head: 44.2 cm (60%)

I am fairly certain she's bigger than her 16 month old cousin too.  It's cool.


Party of Four said...

That is too cute! No worries, your girl is still smaller than both of my chubbies were at that age :)

Chris and Paige Bell said...

I love this post.

Kate said...

Good for her! She's beautiful... and she's definitely bigger than Leah, not sure about Drew!