Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fat Dog

Poor Audrey.  We lovingly nicknamed her "fat dog," (because she's JUST like a fat dog) but we realized yesterday that she seems to think that's her name.  She totally responds to it =(  So, "fat dog" has been banned.  Before it goes away forever, I want to document it:
  • Audrey eats all. the. time.  She will sit in her high chair eating while I prepare dinner, while we eat dinner, and while I clean up dinner.  Like, continuously.  Then, when I take her out of her high chair, she immediately crawls under it and looks for any leftovers and eats those.
  • She is 10.5 months old-her belly is always poking out of her 12-18 month sized clothing. (see photo).
  • She is totally adorable and lovable.  
  • She has the best temperament.  She's totally happy-go-lucky.  
  • Her face is always dirty from something she's been eating.
  • The "big" kids love to feed her table scraps.  They think it's so cool to give her food?  They especially like giving her "people" food (as opposed to baby food).

I just came across Audrey's 9 month stats, and while she's totally normal, she is much bigger than either Amos or Maggie were:

Weight: 18 lbs, 13 oz. (55%)
Height: 28 in. (55%)
Head: 44.2 cm (60%)

I am fairly certain she's bigger than her 16 month old cousin too.  It's cool.

How do you like your eggs?

Today, during Audrey's nap time, the "big" kids were riding their bikes in the driveway while I worked on an art project in the garage.  Eventually, they tired of riding their bikes, and decided they wanted to go in the backyard.  I kept working on my project and they headed through the house to the back.  It wasn't long before I heard the fridge alarm going off (beeping that let's you know the door isn't shut).  I went in, shut the fridge door, and then continued through to the back to see what they were up too...

...Amos was playing with the weirdest yellow/orange substance and I had no idea what it was????  Then, I saw the cracking:


They'd taken the entire carton of eggs out of the fridge and into the backyard where they were cracking the eggs onto the concrete.  And into the window well:

I probably should have stopped them, but the whole thing was so bizarre!  Where in the world they got the idea to let loose on the eggs I have no idea?

When they finally saw me, Amos said, "Oh. Hi, mama," like it was the most natural thing in the world for them to be in the backyard smashing eggs.

I know I shouldn't be "proud," but when they got to the last two eggs, Amos had two and Maggie had none.  Without hesitating, Amos handed over one of his eggs and they shared the smashing joy.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Swim Lessons, Take 2

This week Amos is taking his second session of swim lessons, and Maggie is joining him for her first!  After watching Amos' class the first week, I decided Maggie could probably handle it.  Maggie was used to sitting and watching Amos' class, so when I told her she was going to get to swim too, she was thrilled.

Amos fully embraced his big brotherhood, and told Maggie all about what to expect.  She was totally ready to put her face under the water.  Unfortunately, with her comfortableness comes a certain insubordination.  I hear, "Maggie, Ma-ggie, MA-GGIE!!" all through the class.  At one point, Maggie started a squealing "wave" and ALL of the kids followed with shrieks.  Everyone was laughing so hard, no one could get them to stop.

Mags was actually listening at this point, practicing her kicks:

Somehow I managed to get both kids in the same shot with their respective teachers:

Amos is doing great in his second week.  He has a different teacher, but he doesn't seem to care. 

Audrey likes swim lessons too.  It's fun to have her as my only little buddy while we watch the other kids:

I am really going to miss swim lessons when they're done, but there's always next summer!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Have you stopped reading my blog?

Just curious. 

Life is still treating us very well here.  The Shavers/Catmulls left this morning after a very Smurfin' visit.  We had a good time with them seeing the Smurf movie, playing in the splash pads, using them as free childcare for us and our friends, going on crazy drives, getting our oil changed, and eating at PF Changs =)

Just before they came, Eric and Amos went on a father/son campout with the Deacons and their dads.  The girls and I used it as the perfect opportunity to princessify ourselves.  I took Maggie to Claire's and let her pick out some treasures.  She was in serious heaven. 

Maggie is all things girly these days, and insists on only wearing "princess," which means, a dress or skirt.  She has no concept of when to wear formal vs. casual, etc. so sometimes she sleeps in her Easter dress.  It seems like it would be terribly uncomfortable, but she loves it???

Today she wanted to get dressed to play in the yard, and again chose her Easter dress.  Then, she added the crown. 

Looks ready for some dirt digging to me!

Amos, for whatever reason, fully supports her highness.  He often calls her "princess" and totally plays into her royal ways.

Life is good when you're royal.