Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sick Day

So, as a mom, you NEVER get a sick day.  It's really unfortunate.  I've been strangely sick over the last couple weeks and I had a first-I called Eric and begged him to come home from work to help me.  It took him a little bit to get away from work, and total chaos resulted:

The kids did a fantastic job of leaving me alone to rest, but unfortunately that comes at a cost. 

In case you're wondering:

1. Audrey was taking a nap.  Safe and sound in her crib.
2. I am not pregnant.  It was the regular germy kind of sickness.
3. Eric cleaned up EVERYTHING.


Kendra said...

Oh wow! That is total and complete chaos. It's amazing what two little bodies can do. It does suck not ever getting time to rest as a Mom. And Eric is incredible. What a good Dad/husband!

Dave&Britni said...

I'm glad you cleared up the pregnancy question, I was beginning to wonder. - David

Laura Horne said...

Honestly, David, I was beginning to wonder myself. No new babies, yet.