Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Halloween in July

Yeah, some people might be into the whole "Christmas in July" thing.  Not us.  We like our costume based holidays =) 

Actually, it all started because Amos has been kind of into pirates lately.  I still have his 6-12 month sized pirate costume, and it occurred to me that he'd probably be able to get some part of it on.  To my surprise, it pretty much all "fit." 

So, we dressed Amos up as a pirate.  Of course, we couldn't stop there.  Maggie and Audrey had to get in on the action.  Maggie's costume from last year fit perfectly, so I think we've got a winner for this year.  It's perfect since Audrey will get to be the PINK POODLE this year. 

That pink poodle costume has brought me more joy than any other outfit in the history of the world.

The kids tried on all of the costumes in the closet and we had a great little afternoon out of it.  Makes me wish it were October...

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Andrea said...

pink poodle!

love it.