Thursday, July 14, 2011

Girls' Camp 2011

a.k.a the BEST Girls' Camp there ever was.

The sign says: "Mountain Resort, Roughing it in Style"

This year we had ward Girls' Camp (I never knew there was such a thing!).  It was amazing.  First, I need to give a HUGE thanks to Nan and Pop Horne, who came to watch the three amigos so I could spend the entire time at girls' camp worry free.  Eric was even able to come up as the Priesthood for 2 of the days.  He's never been to girls' camp before, and boy, did he get an education =)  Ask him about the instrument game, but just know that if you do, you'll be playing it with him.  Seriously though, I fell even more in love with "Brother Horne" watching him interact with the young women.  He is going to be a GREAT dad of teenage girls.

Anyway, back to camp...we had an amazing camp director, and she had amazing assistant directors.  They came up with the theme: S.T.A.R.S. (standing together as righteous sisters).  They prepared amazing activities and devotionals centered on light, the Savior, individual worth, and divine nature.  You can never go wrong when glow sticks are involved =)

We "camped" in a cabin at Sundance.  Heck. Yes.  I am sorry, but I think true camping is about the dumbest thing ever.  I thought the excellent accommodations were very helpful in facilitating the Spirit and a good time for all.  No one smelled, got bitten by anything weird, or got a crazy sunburn

There were a few mishaps.  We witnessed the search, rescue, and recovery of this story.  It made for a somber day at the beach.  And then, the lift at Sundance, was down for maintenance on the day we were supposed to ride it up to our hike.  Instead, we ended up "hiking" the Provo River Trail.  In spite of those things, and some crummy weather, the girls were always happy, and never complained once.

We have the best girls.  There isn't a mean one among them.  They all hung out and interacted with everyone.  I've never seen a group of teenage girls get along so well.  We even managed to make some new friends:

"Javier" the Bear.

"Chief" (so original!)

I would also like to add that we let the girls stay up as late as they wanted to (which was never as late as us leaders) and then we let them all of us sleep in.  Best. Girls' Camp. Ever.

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Andrea said...

awesome. gotta love girls camp. glad it was so great.