Friday, July 15, 2011

Amos the Fish

This week Amos took swim lessons.  I think it is my most favorite thing I've ever gotten to see him do.  It's adventures like this that make parenting the best.  Nan and Pop were both able to come to class with him, and he loved having fans.

Amos took to the water like a fish.  He was so good at listening to his teachers and trying everything they asked him to without any fear.  They were very clever in their efforts to get all of the kids under the water.  They played the cutest games that kept Amos interested and distracted from everything he was learning.

The first couple days they would have the kids go under the bridge, hoola hoop, etc. while it was still above water.  Then, by today they had the kids swimming under the water to get out.

Amos adored his teacher, Kyle.  Kyle splashed and wrestled with Amos the very first day and he had a buddy for the week.

My favorite exercise they did was a train of the kids while they were wearing their life jackets.  It was so cute.  They'd all let go to wave to their moms and break the train.

Amos' favorite exercise was getting money!  They put a bunch of pennies on the stairs of the pool, tricking the kids into putting their faces in the water to pick them up.  Pretty clever.

Since today was the last day of this session, Amos got a little progress report:
Amos is such a trooper! He has been so great at everything.  All he needs to start doing now is working on the different strokes and he will be swimming in no time!
He checked off a lot of skills, and I can't wait to see him learn more.  He'll go again in August and I am already looking forward to it.

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