Monday, June 6, 2011

Things to Remember

1. Yesterday Amos and Maggie were outside in the backyard playing.  I heard Maggie saying, "Tinkle, tinkle!" And it got my attention.  She was doing a little dance, and Amos was telling her it was ok, she could go on the leaves.  Sure enough, he helped her over to the corner and showed her how to tinkle on the leaves.  She followed suit and two very white little hineys were glaring back at me.  Of course, Maggie lacks the proper equipment, and she peed all over herself, but it was pretty cute that she tried.

Oh, I wish we lived in a world where I didn't have to blur out that cute little tush.  It's much funnier that way:

credit here
2. We drive by the Provo Tabernacle a lot, and Amos always has a million questions about it.  One day, he asked me if it was a castle, and being the diligent mother that I am and not wanting to have to explain it, I just said yes. 

"But, where's the queen????" he asked. 

Still trying to avoid the conversation,

I said, "Maggie is a princess, maybe she can live there."

Nope. Very bad place to take it.


Woops.  He's still a little worked up about it, and every time we drive by (like today) I can hear him nervously saying things like, "Maggie is just a girl" and "the castle's not finished yet, no one can live there."


deveney said...

cute kiddos! i love the peeing in the bushes, they would fit right in over in my neck of the woods. and oh my, i hope your sunburn is getting better, did you see a doctor?? that had to of been at least a 2nd degree burn..ouchie. good call on the sunglasses, you are totally a VIP:)

Kendra said...

Oh how I love your children. They are so so darling and funny. I hope my kids give me as awesome of stories to share one day. :)

Laura Horne said...

You're totally right Dev, I saw a doctor and they were second degree burns =( I am doing MUCH better.

Kendra, I am sure your kids will be full of little seems to come naturally to the little people.