Friday, June 10, 2011

In the Mix

Anytime anyone asks me how life with three kids is, I have to say that I am not really sure yet.  Audrey has been such a low key baby, she hasn't really affected life yet.  She is calm and happy ALL the time.

Just lately though, she's starting to have some opinions.  My absolute favorite is when she squawks at Maggie.  Maggie takes it really personally and usually ends up whimpering in a corner somewhere.  (Maggie is a very sensitive soul these days).

Amos and Audrey are still the best of buds, and he is always asking me if it's ok if she does things...

"Is it ok if Audrey eats some cheerios?"

"Is it ok if Audrey plays with this car?"

"Is it ok if Audrey hugs me?"

Audrey is "crawling" now, and she's getting more and more adventurous.  Boy, can she move when she sees something she wants.

She always wants to be where the big kids are.  If they are up on the bed, she'll squirm over to it and bonk into it until you let her up. 

We love having Audrey around and are really liking this little personality that's starting to come out.

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