Sunday, June 5, 2011

Best Face Forward/Poisoned by the Sun

You want the bad news first, right?  The WEIRDEST thing happened to me at Youth Conference.  We camped at the Old Pinery campground outside Nephi, and it was beautiful.  On Thursday, it was freezing all day, but it was sunny.  I could feel my cheeks getting a little hot, but I didn't think anything of it.  I did, at one point, put on some SPF 50, but it was too little too late.  I felt fine Thursday night, but when I woke up Friday morning I knew something was wrong.  When I opened my eyes my cheeks were blocking my view.  My tent mate (love you Sis. Tanner!) had left her mirror on her cot, so I grabbed it real quick. 

This was staring back at me:

My eyes, cheeks, and nose were totally swollen, burnt to a crisp and blistered.  Sick.

I've heard lots of people complain that blogs are misleading and bad, blah, blah, blah because people only write/show the good stuff.   Occasionally, I might be guilty of that, but not this time:

I took these pictures when I got home, and they are a vast improvement of what I looked like at my worst.  Nevertheless, they are the ugly truth.  It looks like a really bad chemical peel.  Aside from the unsightliness, I think I probably also got sun poisoned because I had a wicked headache and nausea.

Thankfully, I figured out pretty quickly that sunglasses would hide most of the hideous, so I've rocked a pair (even while inside) for the last two days.

The real irony here is that before this experience, I often claimed to hate camping, even though I haven't been for like 15 years.  It's like the sun just had to prove me right.  Eric always says that I hate all of God's creations, but I maintain I only hate the ones that hate me first.  Sun, consider yourself blacklisted.


Kate said...

Dude. That looks awful! I am glad u r ok!

Kendra said...

Oh my gosh! That looks so painful. I can't believe you got that burned. Ouch! I hope your face is doing better now. Poor sun...blacklisted... :(

Andrea said...

oh laura! i am so sorry! that looks so painful. sunburns are the worst . . . on your face i can't imagine.

Anonymous said...

Holy canoli!! OUCH!! I have felt that pain before...when we were on our first cruise, I didn't realize how often you needed to reapply sunblock on the ship. My legs were like, PURPLE. Yikes!! Put some aloe vera on that burn!! Always helps me!

Chris and Paige Bell said...

Ouch. Nice comparison, though.

Laura Horne said...

Thanks everyone, and Paige, I was quite proud of the Quasimodo picture I found ;)