Sunday, June 12, 2011

Art City Days 2011: Friday

Boy, oh, boy.  We went back to the fairgrounds for the concert on Friday night, but two wristbands later we were watching the kids ride the night away.  We literally shut the place down.  The kids were so spent it was sort of amazing they were still moving.  They had the time of their lives, sliding, riding, and funhousing.

Maggie and Amos were begging us to go on the dragon roller coaster, so we let them ;)

Maggie's face immediately made me regret that decision:

When she knew we were looking at her, she faked a smile as best she could:

Once it was all over, they both claimed to love it, but neither asked to go again.

I am so excited we got a family shot.  We never get a family shot!  I think we made it another 45 minutes after this picture was taken:

We definitely got our money's worth out of those wristbands.  I think we were down to like $0.25/ride with how much they used them.

Amos looked so shot by the time we got home, but he was so happy:

We did learn the hard way that the best night ever is followed by the worst morning ever.  We made it to the parade, but barely, and not with our happy faces on.  I have no pictures to document that little disaster.  All I am going to say is throwing one piece of candy into a group of 5-6 kids is not cool.  So not cool.

And that concludes Art City Days.  Thank heavens it's Strawberry Days next weekend.


Andrea said...

seriously - looks like so much fun.
the sadness and jealousy i feel knowing that strawberry days is coming up i can not begin to describe.

and p.s. miss you guys.

Laura Horne said...

You have no idea how badly we wish you were here to go to the Rodeo with us!

Kate said...

It looks like a blast. So glad you guys had such fun!