Monday, June 27, 2011

Another one about beds

Ok, you might have noticed by now that I am cranking out a few blogs in quick recession.  I generally try not to do that, but I am leaving for Girls' Camp tomorrow (WAHOO!) and I want to get these up before they're old news...

Amos and Maggie had been rearranging the furniture on a nightly basis, so I decided instead of fighting it, I would embrace it.  Their general goal was to push their beds together, so I came up with this:

They LOVE it.  In other news, I told Amos he couldn't have the blue blanket he wanted (as opposed to orange) on his bed because it clashes with his room.  Rearranging furniture, yes.  Messing with my colors, no.  Some things just can't be compromised.

Another one about Amos and Audrey

I know these "Amos and Audrey are BFFs" posts are fairly common, but they never cease to amaze me with their friendship.  They get cuter everyday.

He totally adores her, and she him.  I hope they are always so close. 

Three in the tub...

...results in a total battle royale.  And some cute pictures.

The other day while I was giving Audrey a bath, the "big" kids decided they wanted to get in the tub too.  I thought they meant the bath tub, not the baby tub.  Boy, was I wrong.  I tried to get them to take turns sitting with her, but they were not into sharing her.  The experience ended with Amos in his room WAILING: "Aaaauuuuddddrrreeeeyyyy!  Aaaauuuuddddrrreeeeyyyy!"

Audrey seemed to enjoy the company and was totally oblivious to the chaos around her.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Pool is up

The pool is up for the first time this summer.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Scripture Boy

Today Amos shared the scripture in primary.  He did such a good job and wasn't scared at all.  In perfect Father's Day form, Eric was there by his side to help him.  Makes a mama's heart go pitter patter.

Waiting his turn.

Happy to see us.

And a video:

Not exactly a thriller, but in case you wondered what "primary" looks like.  And, yes, that's baby Audrey crying.

Happy Father's Day

An oldie, but a goodie:

Friday, June 17, 2011

Moments that Matter Most

I really enjoyed this video tonight:

A Guaranteed Good Time

Have you ever given you child these?

It's a guaranteed good time.  

Just be prepared for a bath.

Strawberry Days 2011

Last night we had a great time at the Strawberry Days Rodeo.  The girls coincidentally had strawberry t-shirts, so I had to put them on.  Thanks to cousin Morgan, Maggie also had some cowgirl boots to rock.  Amos was pretty disappointed I didn't have any boots for him.  Maybe next year, maybe next year. 

The rodeo was AWESOME.  I love watching it, it's so exciting.  Sometimes I think I could just drop everything and start a whole new life.  If that happens, I've run away with the rodeo.

Amos and Maggie liked it a lot, although for the most part I think they think we took them to a sandbox.  They were FILTHY when we got home:

The weather was a little cooler than expected, but it didn't bother us too much.  In fact, the only thing that bothered me was this lady that totally kept standing right in front of me.  She was wearing her baby in a backpack and kept turning sideways so her baby could see too.  Gah!  I get having a baby, I do.  Believe me, I do.  But why can't you hold your baby in your lap like a normal person?????? 

This was totally unintentional, but you can see the backpack in the background!

 Or get a sitter?  Or stand to the side?  AND, she had no regard for the action...there was no waiting for breaks or anything to move around. The #1 bronco rider in the world is going and she starts walking around so as to entirely block my view.  Blech.  Ok, rant over. 

We loved the whole bull riding, cow chasing, barrel racing, calf roping, mutton bustin', bronco riding, yee-hawing time!

Thursday, June 16, 2011


This is in reverse, since you've seen the after, but here is Amos about to get his first "real" haircut (i.e. not one by me):

Eric took Amos, and did a great job of talking him up.  He was nervous, but kept reminding himself that she was being "gentle."

Since the haircut, he is always reminding us that she was gentle, and that he looks like Dada now.

New Videos

Our flip camera finally bit the dust, and it had the cutest videos on it when it did =(  One of them was Audrey starting to crawl (a few weeks ago), so we recreated that one, being an important milestone and all:

The second one was of Amos and Maggie feeding Audrey at dinner time.  I think that one is gone forever.  They were hilarious making buzzing noises, and telling her to open up.  Instead, I have a sad replacement of another dinner time:

So far the new flip is working well, which is good, since we've used it once =)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


We just got back from swimming with the young women, and I have figured out the secret to a good time--I need an entourage of 10 people to play with my kids.  Seriously though, aren't teenagers today better than we were?  You never could have gotten me to hang out with pre-schoolers when I was that age.  And they did it willingly. 

Today also marked Audrey's first time in the pool.  She loved it.  She just layed back and enjoyed all of the attention. 

The kids had a blast, we'll have to go back I suppose.

P.S. Amos got a haircut =(

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Art City Days 2011: Friday

Boy, oh, boy.  We went back to the fairgrounds for the concert on Friday night, but two wristbands later we were watching the kids ride the night away.  We literally shut the place down.  The kids were so spent it was sort of amazing they were still moving.  They had the time of their lives, sliding, riding, and funhousing.

Maggie and Amos were begging us to go on the dragon roller coaster, so we let them ;)

Maggie's face immediately made me regret that decision:

When she knew we were looking at her, she faked a smile as best she could:

Once it was all over, they both claimed to love it, but neither asked to go again.

I am so excited we got a family shot.  We never get a family shot!  I think we made it another 45 minutes after this picture was taken:

We definitely got our money's worth out of those wristbands.  I think we were down to like $0.25/ride with how much they used them.

Amos looked so shot by the time we got home, but he was so happy:

We did learn the hard way that the best night ever is followed by the worst morning ever.  We made it to the parade, but barely, and not with our happy faces on.  I have no pictures to document that little disaster.  All I am going to say is throwing one piece of candy into a group of 5-6 kids is not cool.  So not cool.

And that concludes Art City Days.  Thank heavens it's Strawberry Days next weekend.

Friday, June 10, 2011

In the Mix

Anytime anyone asks me how life with three kids is, I have to say that I am not really sure yet.  Audrey has been such a low key baby, she hasn't really affected life yet.  She is calm and happy ALL the time.

Just lately though, she's starting to have some opinions.  My absolute favorite is when she squawks at Maggie.  Maggie takes it really personally and usually ends up whimpering in a corner somewhere.  (Maggie is a very sensitive soul these days).

Amos and Audrey are still the best of buds, and he is always asking me if it's ok if she does things...

"Is it ok if Audrey eats some cheerios?"

"Is it ok if Audrey plays with this car?"

"Is it ok if Audrey hugs me?"

Audrey is "crawling" now, and she's getting more and more adventurous.  Boy, can she move when she sees something she wants.

She always wants to be where the big kids are.  If they are up on the bed, she'll squirm over to it and bonk into it until you let her up. 

We love having Audrey around and are really liking this little personality that's starting to come out.

Art City Days 2011: Thursday

Ah, Art City Days are upon us.  In the past, the parade has always been our favorite, but I think the kids are getting old enough that the fair is now top of the list.  They had a great time last night riding all of the rides. 

It was so great seeing how happy and excited the kids were.  If I had a soundtrack I had to listen to all the time, it would be their comments from last night.  Amos kept saying, "it IS fun."  They ran from ride to ride, "I want to do that one, I want to do that one."

Eric was super Dad and did all of the loading, strapping in, and sliding. 


Audrey and I played it pretty cool and took pictures.

We're headed back for the show tonight, and I imagine we'll find our way to some rides too ;)