Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Tale From Our Travels

Generally, Maggie is our best traveler of all.  However, on our most recent trip (to Minnesota) she earned the little coveted LVP award, or the "most two-year-old" award.  The highlight of her age appropriate behavior was as we were getting our bags from the baggage claim in the Salt Lake City Airport.  Yup, pretty much the final event of the trip. 

It had been a looong 13 hour travel day and I was spent.  I was watching the kids, and Eric was on the front lines of the baggage claim crowd.  Amos decided he should spend his time running laps around the baggage claim carousel, and Maggie followed.  I would watch them disappear around the near corner and then two seconds later they would appear around the far corner.  Until one time Maggie didn't appear.  She was here:

Yup.  Dancing around on the top of the baggage claim carousel.  It was one of those moments as a mom that you do not care where you are, and you yell much louder than anyone should in public.  My biggest fear was that she would head down the chute, and we'd all be arrested.

Miraculously, Eric did not hear me yelling, but he did turn around to check on us and spotted Maggie dancing.   In two bounds he was on top of the baggage claim carousel and snatched her right up.  Maggie spent the rest of our bag return time in time out while Amos said, "I didn't go up there mama, I didn't." 

I can't wait until I am old and don't care what anyone thinks so I can start paying them back.  Maybe I'll make it down the chute.


Andrea said...

maybe it's the pictures. maybe it's the story. maybe it's the combination of both. . . but that just made me laugh so hard.

Kendra said...

Nice. I love the pictures. Hilarious...in that mortifying kind of way.