Sunday, April 3, 2011

She Looks Like a Horne-Audrey at 6 months

Audrey turned 6 months old on April 1st.  She is still the best, most sweetest little baby.  She rarely makes a peep, she sleeps like a champ, and she takes being man-handled (er, "boy" handled, rather) very well.  Lots of people say, "She looks like a Horne."  I can only hope that's a good thing?  She has two teeth now, but seems to be slobbery and interested in chewing on everything, so who knows how many more are on their way.  She hasn't started solid foods yet, but we'll start this week.  I think.  She *can* roll over, but generally chooses not to.   

Anyway, onto the good stuff, the pictures:

About to tip...

...and content, even when she just face planted.

And a video!:

Aren't those thighs KILLER?

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deveney said...

super cute! i am so excited to squeeze those cute thighs in a month:) i think it is totally a good thing to look like a horne!