Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Day

I am having some SERIOUS Kate Middleton envy today, so I thought I'd blog about our wedding.  It should be done anyway, especially since blogs didn't exist waaay back in '05 ;)

At the time my parents lived in Oregon, and I had only been out of Oregon for a few years, (while attending college, so not "real" time away) so the choice to get married in the Portland, Oregon Temple was easy.  Logistically, it was kind of crazy.  We were so very blessed that so much of our family and friends were able to travel to be with us.  I am sure at the time we didn't properly convey how grateful we were to have them all there.  So...5.5 years later, THANK YOU.

I can't remember that many details, which either means they weren't important, or that I forget stuff.  Here's what I remember...

I am, to this day, proud that my wedding dress only cost $99.  Not only that but I was able to sell it afterward for $150.  I thought that would be the best my parents could ever hope for, but Anna got hers for $99 too!  She totally beat me because hers didn't need any alterations.  

Eric's family came all the way from Pennsylvania to be there.  At the time, Eric's sister, Laurie, was engaged to her now-husband Dan.  They had gotten engaged just as Eric and I started dating, but we beat them to the wedding.  You gotta move quick when you're Mormon ;)

Eric's family:

My parents:

"Shaver" women.  Our colors were plum and champagne.  It's interesting, for all of the obsessing and agonizing all colors end up looking dated at some point anyway.  Although, Kate Middleton's bridesmaids wore champagne today =)

Carrie Iverson, Liz Iverson, Kate Sookhoo, Cindy Shaver, Laura Horne, Meg Shaver, Anna Shaver (Catmull), and Allison Iverson.

At the time, Carrie and Allison Iverson were the only grandkids/nieces/flower girls.  My how things have CHANGED!

Those who attended our sealing:

L-R Rodger Shaver, Liz Iverson, Josh Iverson, Steve Sookhoo, Kate Sookhoo, Eric Horne, Laura Horne, Cindy Shaver, Rob Johnson, Denise Salisbury, and Jeff Salisbury.

My absolute favorite of all of the wedding pictures.  Steve & Kate, plus 1:

And without the yahoo:

When we got married, chocolate fountains were all the rage (like cupcakes, candy bars, and frosted sugar cookies are now):

My something borrowed and something blue.  A rabbit's foot I gave my Dad in kindergarten.  I learned the hard way that "rabbit's foot" meant "a (real) rabbit's foot."  Still gross.

The Iverson family was much smaller in those days:

My roommates, who were totally amazing to come:

Deveney Jensen and Desiree Syme

Eric's roommates Rob Johnson and Josh Blade came too...but I can't find their picture.  Our wedding pictures are a mess on the hard drive of my computer.  Speaking of which, we had a little trouble with the whole wedding photographer situation, and I am not sure even 5.5 years is long enough to share that story.  Anyway, we just had everyone there take pictures and we got what we got.  

Now Blogger is refusing to add any more photos, so I guess it's time to wrap this up.  Happy Royal Wedding Day!


Andrea said...

what a lame roomie i am for not going ;) . . . fun to see all the pictures!

Kendra said...

Love that you bought your dress for $99 and sold it for $150! That's awesome! Too bad we weren't friends back then so we could have taken part in the festivities. You looked beautiful! :)