Friday, April 22, 2011

Naptime Buddies

While we were in Eagle for Anna's wedding, we let Amos and Audrey sleep together one night.  Amos is always asking us to sleep with Audrey, but it makes me a little worried.  He likes to "help" her, and I didn't want him to give her any pillows, blankets, or choking hazards.  Anyway, they did well together in Eagle, so when he asked to take a nap with her again yesterday, I thought, why not? 

Audrey's crib is in the guest room, so there is already a bed for Amos in there.  I put Audrey in her crib and then tucked Amos into the guest bed.  He had strict instructions not to wake her up, and he said if she cried he would give her the binky.

I listened to him talking to her, telling her stories, and playing music for her for an hour.  I could hear her cooing and laughing encouragement for him.  When they finally went quiet I went in and checked on them.  They were both asleep in the crib, side by side, Amos with his arm around Audrey.  It was pretty stinking cute. 

I didn't take a picture while they were asleep, because they both needed the nap, but here they are just after they woke up:

Amos likes to tell everyone that they are his "best friend," but I think we all know there's no contest. 

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Anna Shaver said...

Dang! So when Amos tells me I am his best friend, it isn't true? I love that Amos loves Audrey so much. Sounds like Maggie needs someone to love?!?!