Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Laura Horne's version of Anna & Shawn's Wedding

I have a feeling this is going to be a post of all posts (read: long).  We got home very early Sunday morning from a whirlwind trip through Idaho to celebrate Anna and Shawn's wedding.

There were much more talented photographers than myself present all week long, but I have a feeling if I wait for their photos, it might be a while before I get this blogged.  So, here it goes with my photos...

The kids and I flew to Boise, Idaho on Saturday, April 9th to spend time with everyone and help get ready for the wedding.  Adding three kids under the age of 4 isn't really helpful to anyone, but we didn't want to miss out on anything.

Speaking of which, all week long, we had 9 children with us, 7 age 4 and under.  It was like a very rowdy daycare.

On Monday, more out of town guests started to trickle in and by Wednesday night all were present and accounted for.  My Dad's three brothers: Jim, Dave, and Bob all came, along with Jim's wife, Becky.  Eric drove up, Meg drove up and we had a packed house with the Hornes, Iversons, and Sookhoos who were already there.

On Wednesday, Anna and Shawn got all dolled up and went over pre-wedding to take some wedding photos.  It seems like an odd idea, but let me tell you, it was amazing to not have to wait around for them all day taking pictures.  Anyway, we captured/tried to capture Shawn's first sighting of Anna in her dress, but an ill placed mirror let him see her long before she made it out the front door.

Grammy telling Shawn where to stand:

Shawn standing where Grammy told him to stand:

And, Anna coming out of the house (I should mention Liz was photographing from the other side, so she had a more direct view of Shawn's face.  My photographs are most technically of Anna seeing Shawn seeing her for the first time.  Get it?):

"I love you... "

"Tie my shoes please..."

And, of course, there was kissing.

Thursday was the big day and we headed to the Boise Temple around 11 a.m.  Meg and my parents' neighbor, Jean Richardson, were in charge of getting three Horne kids and two Sookhoo kids to the Temple to meet us after the ceremony.

A few pics from the Temple, courtesy of Bob Shaver:

I was busy getting my kids dressed when Anna and Shawn came out of the Temple, so I missed their grand entrance, er, exit =(  We hung around for some pictures and then headed back to Eagle to rest up and get ready for the open house there. On a side note, some people get to ride home from their wedding in limos, horse drawn carriages, etc.  Anna and Shawn rode with us.  Anna didn't even get a seat!  Nothing but the best.

Thursday night we partied hard at the Open House.  Friday was a "rest" day.  The Iversons and Sookhoos headed to Idaho Falls to avoid a long travel day on Saturday.  We decided to stay put since we don't love hotel living (the five of us in one room is a little nutso!)

Saturday we headed over to Idaho Falls to be there in time for dinner with the Catmulls.  We made a quick pit stop at Shoshone Falls (which was at a code red on the water level.  Ok, I just made that up, but there was a lot of water.)

photo courtesy of Meg Shaver

After dinner we met at the reception site a little early and took family photos.  Each family chose a color and coordinated their outfits accordingly.  We were gray =)  I don't have pictures yet, but soon, I hope.

All of the kids (except Audrey) in their family colors:

You might think that is a bad picture, but it is totally true to life.

We had a great time at the reception and ate and ate and ate.  Actually, I can't believe I made it to the end of this post without mentioning how much we ate all week.  I am so glad I didn't have a wedding dress to fit into!

After the reception, we abandoned our hotel room in Idaho Falls and hit the road.  Half a night of good sleep seemed MUCH more appealing than a full night of terrible sleep.  We got home just before 1 a.m. and our own beds never felt so good.

After months of planning, talking, obsessing, organizing, and reorganizing it's hard to believe it's all over.  We are very happy for Anna and Shawn though!

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