Sunday, April 24, 2011

First Hunt

Yesterday we took the kids to the Springville City Easter Egg Hunt on our way to the nursery to get vegetables for our garden.  We got there 1 minute before it started, everyone ran around picking up candy for about 3 minutes, and then we all got back in the car.  It was quick and easy, and the kids loved it. 

Ready to hunt!

My favorite part was that Amos got himself some candy, and then ran around putting candy into other people's bags.  He's a good sharer! 


Showing Dad

The Spectator

We haven't done our hunt at home yet.  It didn't seem like a good idea before church, and after church, it didn't seem like a good idea before naptime. The kids have no idea that the Easter bunny left them all kinds of surprises downstairs.

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