Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Deals, Deals, Deals

This is so random, but if one of you knew about something like this, I would want you to share with me. 

"Group Coupon"
Today I got my engagement ring cleaned and rhodium plated for $10.  So random, but it was something I had been wanting to do.  When the deal popped up on Groupon, I didn't even have to think about it.  Groupon has deals for restaurants, spas, shopping, movies, etc., etc. It's so fun to do cool things, but even funner to do them for CHEAP.

For babies, kids, & moms. 
When I got home from getting my ring done, a box from Zulily was waiting on my doorstep.  It had 3 pairs of See Kai Run shoes in it, that cost me less than one pair does (even with a coupon) at a store.  If you have little feet to shoe, doing it cheap so you can buy more is a huge advantage.

3. TOMS shoes
While they do donate a pair of shoes for every pair you buy, this isn't a deal site.  I am sharing because I had an AMAZING customer service experience with them, and want to reiterate my love for them.  I bought Maggie a pair of shoes, and when they got trashed immediately I emailed, and they replaced them because "We stand by the quality of our products."  I emailed them this afternoon, and the replacement shoes have already shipped.  Fantastic.

I love to shop, and if I can do it for half price, I can do it twice as much.  Winning.

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