Monday, April 18, 2011

Anna's Wedding-The Stuff

I am still gathering my thoughts for a post about Anna's Wedding Week Extravaganza, so I'll start with the easy part-the stuff.  The wedding theme was Anthropologie inspired with lots of florals, pastels, lace, and pearls. 

An open house was held in my parents' guest house, and my Mom did all the work herself.  I mean, she had helpers, but she did all of the food, decorating, etc. herself.

Anna wanted a cake topper with a cupcake tower, so there you have it:

 And, because I am 8 years old, some strategically placed cupcakes:

It's going to be hard to take me seriously now, isn't it?

More desserts:

The decorations:

And some cute couples:

The lladro couple has been to all of our weddings, and the quirky little couple are a new addition for Anna and Shawn.

That's it for the Eagle Open House.  A reception was held a couple days later in Idaho Falls at the Rose Shoppe, but my camera didn't even make it into the building (things were really hectic by then).  I am thinking some pictures from someone else's camera might surface, so I'll share when they do.

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