Friday, March 4, 2011

New Beginnings 2011

I just finished up a really fun, really successful New Beginnings night here.  I have to say, I think the thing that made it so great was the attendance of all of the girls' parents.  It was awesome to see all of them supporting their daughters.

Our theme was "Spring into New Beginnings" so we got to use lots of flowers for the invitations, decorating, etc.  It was nice to keep it very simple. 

The program consisted of the Beehives reciting this year's mutual theme, the 13th Article of Faith and then the older girls each took a word from the 13th Article of Faith and shared what it meant to them.  Again, simple, but very good.

Then, we had one of our advisors give an awesome presentation on Personal Progress.  She shared this video as part of it:

We finished with some words from the Bishop (always important!) and then it was time to eat =) For food we kept it simplest of all...we had cheesecake with toppings in each of the value colors.  Fun and yummy!

I think this was my favorite event we've done since being called to the Young Women presidency, and I hope they just keep getting better.

Random details...
  • We put "13th article of Faith" Sudoku puzzles on the tables to help with the downtime (mostly for the Dads) found here.  We got so many comments from people who loved filling them out.
  • We sent the girls home with a mini flower pot from the dollar spot at Target.  We attached the 13th Article of Faith as a reminder.
  • (Not pictured) We put chairs at the front for each of the girls who were speaking labeled with their word on it.  It was helpful so they could easily remember the order, but also added to the decor.


julie said...

WOW. Now that is a classy New Beginnings! Add that talent to our Valentine's party and we have a really fun event. Why didn't Phil and I start that party tradition when we were neighbors?

Kate said...

Great job Laura! It was beautiful!

deveney said...

cute! i love the theme and all the tissue paper pompoms-great job:)