Thursday, March 31, 2011

I Hope They Call Me on A Mission

We had some very exciting news in our family fact, it might be the thing I've been most excited about in a while (although Anna's wedding is close). Grammy and Grampy Shaver received their mission call!  We're so proud of them, and are so grateful for their example.  We're all going to learn so much from their time in...

the Caribbean Area in the Dominican Republic
We all gathered via various electronic forms (landline, cellphone, conference call, and video chat!) for the opening and reading of their call.  I took a video from our end, so I'll share that...

It's pretty unbearable to watch, being on a cellphone and of a computer screen and all =)  There is an official video from their end, so hopefully we'll all get to see that soon.  In case you didn't make it all the way through the video, they report to the Missionary Training Center in Provo, UT on September 12, 2011.  

I'm certain I've never been more proud of my parents and I can't wait to see all they accomplish.  I know there is going to be a void in Eagle, ID for a while, but I am definitely looking forward to a trip to the Dominican Republic!

Must be blogged

Amos, Amos, Amos.  This kids says whackier stuff everyday. 
  • Today, when I dropped him off at preschool he said, "I don't want to play, I only want to do homework."  Riiiggghhtt.
  • This morning when we went to get baby Audrey she was still asleep on her stomach.  He said, "Look! She's sleeping with tummy time!"
And, my personal favorite:
  • He has a book about a tadpole.  He is convinced it is a story about the "Holy Ghost fish."  Yeah, he will not let me say "tadpole," I must call it "Holy Ghost Fish."

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dance "Potty"

The other day the kids asked to have a dance party.  Sure, why not?  By the time I turned the music on and turned back around they had their potties out of the bathroom.  Oh.  A dance "potty."

And, yes, Maggie yells, "I'm a princess!" at 8 seconds.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Listen Everyone

As a follow up to yesterday's post regarding the gospel/Church shaping the youth, Amos' new favorite game to play is Primary/give a talk.  He stands at the "podium" and says: "listen everyone" and then talks and talks.  Sometimes he's giving a talk, and sometimes he's conducting "sharing time." Occasionally, he leads the music.

Yes, he's teaching from The Berenstain Bears.  Or maybe he's practicing to be a politician...

Highlight of my day...

Trash talk via the USPS.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

General Young Women Meeting

LDS conference center,

Saturday night I was able to attend the General Young Women Meeting.  We went with our young women and their mothers out to an early dinner, and then we all went to the stake center to watch the broadcast.  I loved being with the good young women who chose to go to church and hang out with their moms on their Saturday night.  The speakers and messages were all good, but one brought back a very distinct memory.  
One of the speakers quoted this quote from Charlotte Brontë in Jane Eyre:
"Laws and principles are not for the times when there is no temptation: they are for such moments as this, when body and soul rise in mutiny against their rigour...If at my convenience I might break them, what would be their worth?"
I read Jane Eyre in AP English my senior year of high school.  After writing a paper where I used that very quote, I remember my English teacher (who I admired just about as much as I've ever admired anyone) pulling me aside and saying to me, "You have a gift."  At the time, I was certain that she meant I was a super awesome writer.  Now, since I am aware that I am probably just an average writer, I am thinking she meant something more along the lines that I had a good understanding.

Don't get me wrong, I was mostly an idiot as a teenager, but I was taught well and deep down I knew what was right.  I am so grateful that my daughters will get to have the same chance.  I am grateful for the gospel and the Church.  I am grateful that I got to spend my Saturday night doing something uplifting and inspiring surrounded by other women (young and less young) who felt the same way.

In case you missed it, they showed this video too:

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Amos is thrilled to be on his way home to see me.

27 Years

Happy Birthday to me!  Yesterday was my 27th birthday, and it was AWESOME.  I have had the BEST birthdays over the years, and yesterday was no exception.  Amos and Maggie happened to be in Eagle with Aunt Anna, Grammy, Grampy, and the Iversons, so Eric and I were free to party hard.  Ok, we were home by 9 pm, but that's how we wanted it.

Maggie, Eagle, ID March 2011

I miss the kids a ton, and they're on their way home now, but it was pretty great to be (mostly) child free for a couple days.  Thanks everyone for thinking of me and sending birthday wishes my way, it made me feel great!

Monday, March 21, 2011

First teeth

Baby Audrey has teeth!  We weren't even paying attention and she went and grew some teeth.  (I don't know why, but all of my kids have grown their teeth two at a time?)

She didn't love that I was trying to look at them:

Eventually she returned to her happy self:

When Amos discovered her teeth, he said, "She can eat dinner now!"  It was pretty cute.  We probably should start working on the solids here soon...

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Last night Eric and I took a much needed date night.  I think the kids needed it as much as we did.  They were SO excited for the girls to come play with them.  We have the cutest sister team that comes sit for us and the kids love them. 

When we got home Amos and Maggie were so excited to show us that they had cleaned their room and made their beds!  Those beds have NEVER been made.  I figure making my own bed is enough for me =) 

And, the girls somehow got Maggie to sit still long enough to do her hair into the teensiest little braids.  They plead the 5th on how they got Maggie to sit still--I am sure it was nothing short of witchcraft.  The pictures aren't great because Maggie wouldn't turn her back to the camera, but you get the idea.

The kids had a great time, Eric and I got a little bit of sanity back, and we contributed to some college educations.  Good night.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day

Now, on a much happier note (I am already feeling much better, writing is therapy), Amos had a St. Patrick's Day party at school today.  It just happened to be his turn to bring snacks, so I was able to get him really excited about the green party before he went to school.  We took green grapes (which he insists on calling "green berries"), green yogurt, and green milk.  The kids loved their leprechaun snacks.

Since he's been home from school, Amos keeps asking Maggie if she likes shamrocks.  She has no idea, but she keeps saying yes.  He won't take his new hat off either.  Not even to turn it right side up.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  I hope you're all wearing green =)


So, I had a sweet little post to write about what a good night last night was, but I am struggling a little bit now.  It was mutual night, and I had a great time with the youth learning to dance for the dinner/dance that we're having next week.  All of the kids were such good sports, and they were really cute learning all of the steps.  When I got home from church I found the kids in bed, a superbly cleaned kitchen, and my favorite night time snack waiting for me on the counter. 

All was well, but then I got a phone call.  I had offended someone.  I absolutely did not mean to hurt any feelings, but I did.  I have run through the situation in my head about a billion times and I just can't reconcile what I meant with what happened.  I was anxious about it all night and all day today.  It was the last thought in my head before I went to bed and the first one in my head this morning when I woke up.  I know I wasn't trying to be awful, so why can't I put it aside?  I guess it really comes down to the horrible feeling that someone else assumed the worst of me. 

I have cried about it and prayed about it, and I know that it will pass, but for now it hurts my heart.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"GLEE" Time

Amos did, indeed, sleep through the night!  He was a well-rested little dude this morning-perfect for school!  Speaking of school, Maggie LOVES when Amos goes to school.  She misses him, but boy, does she enjoy playing by herself. 

In other news, Audrey held her own bottle for the first time this was more than Maggie could bear.  She just had to help her.

And, yes, Maggie is straight-up ragamuffin.

**Thanks Kris for the title, you were totally right =)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Busy Bee

Amos hasn't woken up since falling asleep at 5 pm, it's now after 10. Maggie is still up and majorly enjoying the "free" time.

A note

I've noticed a trend lately of women apologizing for being behind on blogging because they are pregnant.  Let's face it, I've done it myself.  I know I haven't been great at blogging lately, so I just wanted to state that this is not the case here.  At least currently.  Although, I did meet someone today who had her children a year apart on exactly the same day.  That would be an interesting challenge.

Anyway, we're just regular busy around here.

Trouble, right here in Springville City

We seem to have developed a bit of a problem.  Amos does NOT want to take naps anymore.  It would be fine if he didn't need them, but he does.  He finds every excuse to come back out of his room during nap time, and it drives me batty.  The kid goes potty every 3 minutes for an hour until I finally relent and tell him he doesn't have to stay in his room anymore.

So, how do I know he still needs a nap?  Because he falls asleep on my bed at 5:30 p.m.--the perfect time to take a cat nap, recharge and be ready to go ALL NIGHT.


This one is still allowed to sleep wherever she wants, whenever she wants, so her picture is only included for cuteness sake:

Let's hope we break this cycle soon.

Friday, March 4, 2011

New Beginnings 2011

I just finished up a really fun, really successful New Beginnings night here.  I have to say, I think the thing that made it so great was the attendance of all of the girls' parents.  It was awesome to see all of them supporting their daughters.

Our theme was "Spring into New Beginnings" so we got to use lots of flowers for the invitations, decorating, etc.  It was nice to keep it very simple. 

The program consisted of the Beehives reciting this year's mutual theme, the 13th Article of Faith and then the older girls each took a word from the 13th Article of Faith and shared what it meant to them.  Again, simple, but very good.

Then, we had one of our advisors give an awesome presentation on Personal Progress.  She shared this video as part of it:

We finished with some words from the Bishop (always important!) and then it was time to eat =) For food we kept it simplest of all...we had cheesecake with toppings in each of the value colors.  Fun and yummy!

I think this was my favorite event we've done since being called to the Young Women presidency, and I hope they just keep getting better.

Random details...
  • We put "13th article of Faith" Sudoku puzzles on the tables to help with the downtime (mostly for the Dads) found here.  We got so many comments from people who loved filling them out.
  • We sent the girls home with a mini flower pot from the dollar spot at Target.  We attached the 13th Article of Faith as a reminder.
  • (Not pictured) We put chairs at the front for each of the girls who were speaking labeled with their word on it.  It was helpful so they could easily remember the order, but also added to the decor.