Sunday, January 16, 2011

Travel gods

Wow, we had some traveling adventures this past holiday season.  Individually, none of the events were that crazy, but when you put them all together and throw a newborn and two toddlers into mix it's blogworthy.

First up, Thanksgiving:  We drove to Idaho to be with the Shavers, and our usual 5-6 hour drive took 9 hours.  The day before we were supposed to leave, there was a blizzard warning and things got a little hectic.  It ended up not being that much snow, but the wind blew around what snow there was, making driving conditions very poor.  We waited out the storm and drove after it passed, but it was still very slow going.  All through Idaho cars and trucks were littered in the median, many upside down from slide-offs the night before.  Once in a while there would be a fresh slide off too.  Our kids were amazing through all of it, and enjoyed A LOT of movies in the car.  On the way home from Idaho the storms had passed, but there was still a lot of trouble with snowdrifts on the roads.  We ended up sitting at the Idaho-Utah state border for about an hour waiting for the road to re-open.  We had front row seats to the re-opening.  The trip home only took 7 hours =)

In spite of BEAUTIFUL weather on the day we flew to Pennsylvania for Christmas, our flight managed to be 6 hours delayed.  Only after they started boarding our flight to Philadelphia did the flight crew notice some sort of mechanical problem and deem the plane not sky worthy.  We had to wait 6 hours for another plane to arrive from Chicago and then we went on our merry way.  Did I mention it was Christmas eve?  Because our flight was so late, we ended up flying through the dark.  It was so fun to tease Amos about seeing Santa Claus out the window of the airplane.

Our final run-in with the travel gods was the most tragic, as there was an actual casualty-my sister, Kate's, 4runner.  The 4runner, which Kate received as a graduation present when she graduated college, broke down while Eric, Audrey and I were borrowing it.  The transmission went out just as we were driving through Chester, PA.  By nothing short of a miracle, we did not spend much time stuck in Chester with baby Audrey, but the 4runner (or its transmission, really) died halfway into the driveway of Eric's parents' house.  Thankfully, Eric had the foresight when he signed us up for AAA to choose the higher level package and the 4runner was towed free of charge back to Delaware for us.

This concludes the summary of our disastrous holiday travels.  Pretty much anything that could go wrong did, but we had a good time through all of it.  The kids were really good sports and I am pretty sure they just think that's how its supposed to be.  We're traveling again in a couple weeks, so fingers crossed the travel gods have found someone else to pick on.

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