Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lame-ness Interrupted

Yesterday Eric said to me,

"You haven't posted for a whole week.  Lame."

(If you've seen Monsters Vs. Aliens he said "Lame" just like Gallaxhar, i.e. Rainn Wilson).

Truth is, we have been SO busy.  Every time I sit down thinking I have a few minutes to myself, I remember something I am supposed to be doing.  For example, tonight Eric and I were so excited to have an in-house date night watching Iron Man and eating pizza.  The pizza was ordered and we were headed downstairs to start the movie when Eric's calendar reminded him he needed to go set up chairs at the church for tomorrow.  So, here I am, pizza all to myself, blogging.

Amidst all the busy-ness we've had some great moments with the kids...they are getting to be such little characters.

1. Today in the car Maggie was crying.  He said, "Maggie, you can hold my hand, will that make you feel better?"  (Sidenote: he was already holding Audrey's hand).
2.  Somehow he's picked up on the phrase: "a good deal" and when I say things like "it's nap time" he'll respond, "that's not a good deal!"
3.  His current favorite activity is to take a train ride (chairs lined up) to the elevator (his closet) that goes up to a party (us dancing in his room).  He imagined the whole scenario up, and we do it over and over.
4.  Last Sunday at church I was walking Amos to Sunbeams and he said very loudly, "I'm not picking my nose!" Everyone in the hallway giggled.  He just looked proud.

pre-haircut Oct. '10

1.  Loves stuffed animals. Her current favorite is a cat Nan and Pop gave her for Christmas.  If I happen to pick it up or move it she'll come running and screaming "My meow!"
2.  Maggie has picked up on me saying, "Do you want to go see Dada, OR NOT?" and if she doesn't like my proposal, like "it's naptime" she says, "Not! Not!"
3.  Loves to sit in baby Audrey's swing.  She climbs up in it and lowers the lap bar.  Today she even sucked on baby Audrey's bink while she did it.
4.  Still doesn't like to wear clothes.

Oct. '10

I am hoping I'll be a better blogger from here on out, because I really do love it.  Plus, it's my only chance at remembering all this stuff.


Andrea said...

the train and the party. . . awesome.

Nancy said...

Always love stalking the Utah Hornes. Thanks for another great post. Its worth the wait.

Kelli said...

I can't believe it's been more than a year since I saw you guys last...Amos and Maggie seem so grown up now! One of my favorite things about moving back are the thought of our amazing lunch playdates :)