Monday, January 3, 2011

Disney On Ice

I've got A LOT of blogging to do.  We had an amazing Christmas with the Hornes and Sookhoos in Pennsylvania and Delaware.  I've got some photo sorting to do before I get to that, so I'll share the photos from my phone for now. 

While we were in Pennsylvania Nan and Pop took us to see Disney on Ice, which happened to be Toy Story 3, our favorite!  It was awesome.  I remember one of the first times I met Eric's parents we were flipping channels on the television and they blazed right past the ice skating.  I remember someone asking, "who would ever watch ice skating??  It's so boring."  

Who would watch ice skating?  This girl!  I LOVE it.  It was no secret that I was probably more excited than anyone to see the show.  Although, once Buzz Lightyear appeared Maggie was a close second. 

Buzz Lightyear:Maggie as Jonas Brothers:any 12 year old girl

Maggie threw her hands in the air and hollered when Buzz appeared.  I am never going to let her forget that her first true love was Buzz Lightyear.

Everyone else had a good time too, especially Nan who got to hold Audrey through the whole show.

We're so lucky to have an awesome Christmas and get to see an awesome show too.  We're also very lucky that he grandkid's excitement overpowered the "boringness" of ice skating ;) 


Anna Shaver said...

Ha... I remember going to Disney on Ice and watching Beauty and the Beast.

{ bRee } said...

Oh Disney on Ice, so, so many good memories! I am jealous!