Thursday, January 6, 2011


Finally, right?  Our chaotic December led up to our best Christmas ever.  We took an extra special trip to Pennsylvania and Delaware to be with the Hornes and the Sookhoos for Christmas.  We are so lucky that my sister, Kate, and her family live so close to Eric's parents so we can see them all at once.  Meg flew out with us to be with Kate and Steve for Christmas, so we even had a true "Shaver" with us.

Christmas morning we went over to Eric's sister's house since Santa had made his delivery there ;)  Really, we all just wanted to see brand new baby Kennedy, who was born just a couple days before Christmas!  It was lots of fun to have the cousins together.

Totally oblivious to "Christmas" all around her

Dada's and their new girls

Aunt Laura at her best

Present opening

Nan and Audrey

Eric and his Mom, a.k.a Nan, a.k.a Grammy

Christmas morning chaos

Pop, Nan, and all the grandkids!

Cousins going for a ride

Nice hugs

After present opening we went back to Nan and Pop's house where the Sookhoos and Meg joined us for Christmas dinner.  It was so fun to share the time with so much family.

Aunt Meg and Audrey

Uncle Steve and Audrey

Shaver girls!

Aside from Disney on Ice, the rest of our trip was full of your basic, everyday shenanigans:

Cupcakes for breakfast (and in your eye)

Fires in the backyard

Surfing the 'net

We had a great trip and can't believe how fast it came and went!  Thanks to the Hornes, Moyers, and Sookhoos for being amazing hosts and making us feel right at home.

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deveney said...

we are in sync! i love your new blog design, very cute! and it looks like you had a fantastic christmas, when is your next trip to disneyland?? we would love a visit from the horne fam:)