Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas in Pennsylvania, part VI (almost not pictured edition)

The final awesomeness from our Christmas trip to PA was getting to see the Sookhoos.  Honestly, when Eric and I were dating, it was a huge selling point for me that his family lived so close to my sister, Kate.  I LOVE that we get to see them so much more than we normally would just because they live so close to Nan and Pop.

We were able to see the Sookhoos a couple different times during the week.  I was horrible about taking pictures when they were around.  Thankfully, my cousin-in-law, Michelle, saved the day and had a picture of me and Kate and the kids at least.

Thanks Sookhoos for making time in your busy holiday schedule to hang with us!

Baggage claim

Stir crazy

This is one long flight.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas in Pennsylvania, part V (most important edition)

Nan, Pop, and all of their grandchildren:

Christmas in Pennsylvania, part IV

It's amazing how, in spite of all being in the same room, we all managed to capture such different angles on Christmas morning.  I just got done packing the kids' Christmas gifts, and I have to admit, there were things I hadn't seen before amongst them.  I am grateful we had a couple cameras going, so I didn't miss a thing.

Nan and Pop managed to catch us post-arrival on Christmas Eve:

After putting Santa's cookies out (I was asleep and totally missed this part):

And, discovering the carrot Santa's reindeer ate.  You'd better believe Pop put authentic bite marks on it:

And, more of Christmas morning:

Awesome from every angle.

Christmas in Pennsylvania, part III (Disney on Ice edition)

As if Jersey Boys wasn't enough, Nan and Pop also took us all to see Disney on Ice too.  I love that kind of stuff, so I was pretty excited to say the least.  Having wide-eyed kids to share it with makes it even more much more fun. 

This year the show was Disney Princesses.  We told Amos there would be superheroes, thinking that some of the princes might pass, but he wasn't buying it.  Thankfully, getting to see Mickey Mouse was enough for him.

Mags loved the princesses.  She sat on my lap most of the show, and did a great job sitting still. 

Auds and Eric *almost* fell asleep. 

The best part was definitely the Tangled segment.  Flynn and Rapunzel did some awesome aerobatics.

Thanks again Nan and Pop!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas in Pennsylvania, part II (Jersey Boys Edition)

For our Christmas present this year Nan and Pop gave Eric and I tickets to see Jersey Boys.  It was a great show.  I had forgotten how much I really love seeing a good play. 

Eric and I really enjoyed the night out in Philadelphia too.  I tried to get a picture of us in front of the marquis, but it didn't work.  So, take these two pictures and use your imagination:

In our seats:

Thanks Nan and Pop!  We had a great time.  Now, to go get the soundtrack from itunes.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I know, it's more of the same thing, but their heads are flopping in unison. So entertaining.

Exhaustion FINALLY wins

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas in Pennsylvania, part I

Thankfully, Christmas came, and we all lived to talk about it.  I was starting to worry that someone was going to pop from all of the excitement.

Christmas Eve we took a fantastically smooth flight from SLC to PHL.  It was like all of the bad karma from last year's travels combusted itself into perfection.  It was a Delta miracle.  Audrey and I even got our own row!  I would also like to mention that we, wanting to save the $150, carried on all of our luggage (three rolling suitcases, two rolling backpacks, two regular backpacks, and a stroller).  And all of our children.  I am pretty proud. 

Once we arrived at Nan and Pop's and our bellies were full of cheesesteaks, the kids set about making cookies for Santa:

This was really important to Amos, and he was super diligent about it.  Mags was just along for the ride.

After the cookies and milk were set out, the kids were really good about going to bed.  They seemed to actually understand that the sooner they went to bed, the sooner it would be morning.  They played a little bit, and when Eric went to break it up, he caught them looking out the window.  Presumably for Santa. 

Don't tell Amos, but Audrey totally ate Santa's cookies.

Amos was up at 6:30 est on Christmas morning, which is 4:30 our time!  He was SO good and played with Pop while he waited for the girls to wake up.  We finally let him wake up Maggie a little before 8 a.m.  She was dazed and confused to say the least.

Audrey was also pretty dazed and confused:

At one point, she just crashed out in the middle of Christmas:

From there on out, it was a Christmas frenzy.  The kids were so excited about all of their presents.  I was really proud about how gracious they were.  I worried that they would be little brats, but not at all.  It's amazing how they've managed to become better people than us already.

Santa was way too generous and we definitely won't be carrying on all of our luggage on the way home...

An Experiment with Glitter

An Experiment with Mascara

You better watch your backs Kiss.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday lights

In case our kids weren't totally insane with Christmas, we took them to the holiday lights at Thanksgiving Point. Now, they're total goners :)


A Davecation Christmas

Dave was super sweet and left some presents for the kids under the tree before he left for home for Christmas (I know, we thought this was his home too).  The kids were totally beside themselves with excitement once they saw the presents.  I told them they had to wait for Dave to open them and they tried their very hardest to wait patiently.

Eventually, they took to practically snuggling with the presents on the floor.

As it turned out, we missed Dave and had to open the presents without him anyway.  I wish I had some video for him, cause the excitement was awesome.  I do have some pictures though:

Thanks Dave!