Friday, December 17, 2010

Night at the Riverwoods

Tonight we had a great family night at The Shops at Riverwoods.  While Eric and I were dating, Happy Sumo was our absolute favorite place to eat.  In fact, we ate there the night we got engaged.  Now, the Riverwoods is transforming itself into a family friendly place just in time for us to take our family there.  Woot, woot.

Tonight we crammed our family of 5 into a booth at Happy Sumo.  A far cry from the days when just Eric and I used to share a booth.  It was so much better though.  Really.  After dinner the kids and Eric took a (free) carriage ride.  They were super cute and super excited about the horses.  After the ride we checked out Blickenstaff's where Maggie became enamored with Calico Critters.  I played with Calico Critters as a child, and it was really neat to see her so enthralled.  After Blickenstaff's we walked right up to Santa and had a chat.  Our kids are really afraid of the big guy, but since no one was around we thought we might try to see if we could get them to warm up to him.  Santa was a good sport and tried his very best to be their friend.  It probably doesn't feel good when small children cry when they look at you =(

Anyway, don't all go there at once, I really don't like crowds.  But, if you're in the greater Provo area, check out The Shops at Riverwoods, the lights are amazing.

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