Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve Eve

Surprise! We're still busy.  I wanted to post some more pictures from the Riverwoods before they are totally so last year...

We had such a fun time the first night, we went again with Anna and Shawn when they came to visit us.

View from the carriage ride.

I was taking this picture to tease Eric about being "that guy" looking at his cellphone, but I realized it captured the lights in the background very nicely.  I'm only sharing it so you can see the lights =)

Our kids adore Anna and Shawn, and its a good thing because they've promised us LOTS of free babysitting next semester.

Did I mention that Anna and Shawn got engaged?  No?  Oh, well, they did!  The date is set for April '11. 


Laura said...

Yay for Anna and Shawn, they look so cute together! I hope the end of your December is treating you and your family than the beginning of the month did!

Desiree said...

Cute! Congrats to Anna and Shawn. So exciting. They look SUPER cute together. And even better that they're great babysitters too. :)