Friday, December 10, 2010

Dear Santa,

I am failing you. 

I am really not catching any breaks when it comes to the whole "Christmas presents being a surprise" thing.  The other day our doorbell rang and Amos and Maggie went running to the front window to see who it was.  They got there just in time to see the FedEx man getting back into his truck and pulling away.  Once they realized he wasn't staying to play, their attention turned to the box on the front porch with a HUGE picture of its contents on it.  TOYS! 

I grabbed the box and tried my best to hide the picture side from them, telling them it was for Christmas.  Amos' response:

"But, that's not Santa, that a man" (meaning the FedEx man).

Nice.  Today when we got home there were some more boxes on our porch.  After we brought them inside, Amos asked me if I was going to hide them.  Yep.  I am sure going to try. 


Kendra said...

Wow, what a smartie pants to say "that's not Santa!" I guess you may have to have the "there's no Santa" discussion sooner rather than later.

deveney said...

oh my goodness, i love your life, so funny! amos is clearly a smart and clever little one...good luck, wish i had some sage advice, but i totally don't. also, i love your post about babies being better then toddlers!