Friday, December 17, 2010

Brother and Sister

Amos and Audrey have a very special bond.  He just adores her.  I often catch him talking to her, patting her head, giving her her bink, and just enjoying her.  We were worried that he might be sad the she doesn't do much, but he doesn't seem to notice.

One day I could hear him yacking away, and when I snuck up on him I caught him laying next to her telling her a story.  It is so sweet.  The picture is bad, I really was sneaking:

From the minute she was born, she was his baby Audrey.  Whenever anyone jokes that they could take her home, or borrow her (which, oddly, happens a lot) Amos is adamant that she is his baby and she belongs at his house.

One day, after seeing an infomercial on t.v., he decided she was his pillow pet, and he would lay his head on her and call her baby pillow pet.  If Audrey cries Amos will say, "Mama, can you feed baby Audrey, please?"

Amos even shares his most prized possession, his blankie, with Baby Audrey
He is always looking out for her, and I hope that never changes.  Every girl should have such a good big brother.  I think Audrey already knows how lucky she is, because so far, Amos is the only one good at getting smiles out of her.

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