Monday, December 6, 2010

2 weeks and $0

Two Sundays ago at church one of the members of the Bishopric pulled me aside and said,

"I noticed you and your husband signed up to help with the Ward Christmas party, would you be interested in heading the decorations committee?" 

My response:

"I signed up for what???"

Turns out, Eric signed us up, the party was in two weeks (one of the weeks being Thanksgiving) and we had no budget for the decorations.  I spent an entire week just trying to come up with anything at all, and was finally struck with inspiration while we sat on the side of the Interstate waiting for the road to re-open on our way home from Boise.


Thanks to Eric's parents we have an extensive collection of Nutcrackers, enough for 20 centerpieces in fact.  We rounded up some more toys, threw in some candy canes, battery operated votives and called it good.  The other toys were: oversized jacks, teddy bears, baby buggies, an antique bike, trains, and books.  I think it turned out really great, and it was really fun.  I know some husbands would sign up their wives and then leave them out to dry, but not Eric.  He was a great partner to work with.  The best part was our kids really seemed to enjoy it.  I really hope we'll be able to teach them to serve and help out no matter the circumstance.  Once again, I am really grateful that I didn't have to do the food.  


Kendra said...

Very cute. What a great idea. I can't believe you had no budget for it too. The timeline was bad enough. But you always do a great job with decorations and serving with an open and willing heart. Way to go Laura and Eric!

Anonymous said...

Niiiice work, hostess with the mostest!! I absolutely love nutcrackers.