Sunday, November 21, 2010

It gets worse

This morning I woke up without being woken up by a child-a shocking occurrence in our house.  Amos is always up at the crack of dawn ready to go.  This morning though, he was still in his room.  I could hear him up and playing so I opened the door.  He was happy as can be, and told me, "Mama, I just playing with the trains." 

"What a creative little imagination," I thought, since there weren't any trains in his bedroom when I put him to bed last night.

Nope.  He was actually playing with trains.  He discovered more of his Christmas presents in the closet this morning and took the liberty of opening them up and playing with them. 

The real irony here is that one of those trains really is for Baby Audrey.  Thomas the Train makes "Early Engineer" trains and they are all squished down to look like baby trains.  I couldn't resist buying her one.

Amos was absolutely heartbroken when I took the toys back, but I think I might have been more heartbroken =( 

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Laura said...

I thought you were joking about not being able to hide gifts but this is BAD :) this year will be my first attempt at hiding gifts from someone I live with so we'll see how bad I am at it.