Saturday, November 20, 2010

I Spy

Find the following: 1 sippy cup, 1 pink hard hat, and 1 2-year-old:
This story starts a lot like the "glass in the foot" story: last night Amos and Maggie were playing alone in the basement.  I was upstairs pumping (sorry for the visual, but I need you to know I was doing something important and immobilizing).  Amos came up and sat down beside me.

I thought to myself, "aw, that's sweet."

We watched t.v. for a couple minutes and then I thought, "wait a minute, where's Maggie?  It is really strange for them to separate."

So, I asked Amos where Maggie was and this was his answer: "Stuck up high."

UH????????  That's the kind of information you lead with buddy.

So, we ran downstairs and found this:

And the close-up to prove that it really is Maggie (since this seems much more like something Amos would do):

She was happy as can be hanging out up there.  And, yes, the playroom always looks like that.  It's like the caterpillar room on Toy Story 3.  Or whichever room it was at the daycare that gets trashed.