Monday, November 1, 2010


I'm sure you've probably noticed, but Amos' hair has gotten quite long.  Eric has been ready to cut it for a while, but I wasn't there yet.  Lately though, it had gotten to the point where it was bothering him, and he had started to ask for a haircut.  So, we gave the boy what he wanted.


Mostly I hate cutting his hair because it makes him look SO old.  He loves it though.  He keeps climbing up on the table so he can see in the mirror.  He just stands there admiring himself.  


Andrea said...

wow! he does look so old! . . . but it looks good.
and ps. i love the costumes. . . (i'm being lazy and leaving a comment here for both)
happy november!

Kendra said...

Oh no! I was just going to comment in your Halloween post about how adorable his curls are. Sad that they're gone. :( And he does look so much older...almost like a different kid. Btw, I love Maggie's pigtails too!

Nancy said...

Love Amos' haircut. He does look much older. Its sad to see the baby in Amos leaving, but neat that this handsome boy is now here.