Thursday, November 4, 2010


Princess Maggie turns two today!  Last night I was telling Eric that I feel like she's turned into such a funny girl while I wasn't watching.  She is a quirky little thing.  She loves to just wander around aimlessly getting into things.  She also LOVES to dress herself.  Bloomers, socks, and skirts are her favorites.  Maggie idolizes Amos and always tries to keep up with him.  She is definitely not afraid to stand up to him either.  She seems a little hesitant when it comes to baby Audrey, but I think its just because she's nervous.  When I least expect it, she does something totally helpful for Audrey, like bringing her binky or blankie to her.  We're so lucky to have Maggie as a part of our family.  She definitely keeps us laughing. 

 Happy Birthday Princess Maggie!


Anna Shaver said...

What is the black eye from?

Laura Horne said...

A marker...she colored all around her eye with a black marker.